Visiting the River Cottage Spring Fair.

While in Lyme Regis during April, I noticed that there was a Spring Fair taking place at River Cottage HQ. I immediately got excited – food fairs are genuinely heaven on earth for foodies, and I read that there was going to be lots of interesting talks and events going on. I also knew that all of the food there was going to be organic, homemade etc. which is my kind of thing. I have always been a big fan of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall –  I love reading his books and watching his TV shows. He was also one of the first people who got me thinking about where my food came from, which eventually led to me becoming a vegetarian.

As we were staying so nearby, we decided to walk over the valley to the HQ, which was a bad idea in hindsight, as we got soaked by the torrential rain which started as soon as we set out. The entrance fee was modest – children under 16 were allowed into the fair for free, without a ticket. Soon after we arrived the rain stopped, and we were able to look around the various stalls that we’re selling everything from homemade marshmallows to organic ewes cheese and charcuterie.

Later on, we looked around the river cottage garden, which is beautifully organised, before heading off for lunch which we picked up from a stall. I chose a mezze style plate which included focaccia, roasted carrot hummus, burnt wild garlic, chargrilled romaine lettuce, and a variety of salads which contained beetroot, pulses, and rainbow chard.

After lunch, we looked around the farm, before settling down to watch two live celebrity cookery shows. There was also a number of other talks going on including a talk on composting, a talk on foraging, and a talk on blacksmythery. Unfortunately, we did not have time to listen to any of those, although they did look really interesting.

We headed back to the cottage where we were staying with loads of goodies which we enjoyed for tea. I believe there is going to be a Summer Food Fair at the HQ in August, which I am planning on visiting. There is due to be live music, which would make the fair even better. I definitely recommend it to anyone who will be in the area in late August.

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