Dream Destination No5 – New York.

For the final blog post in my ‘Dream Destinations’ series, I had to choose NYC. While there are infinite reasons one might want to visit New York, I personally fall for the energy – the positive vibe created when cultures mix. There’s so much creativity in the air, with wildly imaginative works filling the city’s galleries and concert halls – not to mention its restaurants, with ever more inventive mash-ups of global cuisines. Continue reading “Dream Destination No5 – New York.”

Exploring Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico

If you were ever lucky enough to take an Ancient History class at primary school, you will probably know that the Ancient Mayans (more commonly known as the Aztecs), came from Mexico, and were the rulers before the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. When we think about the Aztecs, we think about towering pyramids, gruesome sacrifices and a generally un-civilized society. Continue reading “Exploring Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico”

Dream Destination No 4 – Valencia

Valencia is pure Science-fiction. Valencia is innovation. Valencia is thriving culture. Valencia is bustling tapas bars. Valencia is a wonderfully liveable city. Valencia made my Dream Destinations top 5 list because it has everything I would want in a city – strikingly futuristic buildings, a fistful of fabulous Modernista architecture, great museums and a large, characterful old quarter. Valencia, surrounded by its huerta, a fertile fruit-and-veg farmland, is famous as the home of rice dishes such as paella, but its buzzy dining scene offers plenty more besides. Continue reading “Dream Destination No 4 – Valencia”

Dream Destination No 3 – Morocco

Hot Sahara sands. Camels. Pyramids of Spice. Arabian Palaces. Bustling Markets. Fresh Mint Tea. These are just a few of the things that spring to mind when I think about Morocco. I have always wanted to visit Morocco. Although parts of Morocco's culture have been greatly influenced by Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the wider middle east, it's mixed Arab and Berber population still hold a strong national identity, creating diverse, exciting cities, on the backdrop of beautiful landscapes. Continue reading “Dream Destination No 3 – Morocco”

Dream Destination No 2 – Goa, India

India hasn’t always been on my bucket list of places I have wanted to visit. I suppose when I was younger, all I saw in the media was slums in India, and I had never been a huge fan of curry. My mum went on holiday to Goa with her parents, and she always used to talk of amazing trips she took deep into the jungle, eating curry out of large folded banana leaves, and visiting peppercorn farms. It never seemed to fit – the India my mum always talked about sounded so different from the India I had seen in the media. Continue reading “Dream Destination No 2 – Goa, India”