Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve

Before I arrived in Mexico, I bought a ‘Rough Guide Book’ of the local area, in the hope that I would be able to get out and about, exploring wildlife and culture. Mexico is famous for… nachos, guacamole, cactii, sombreros, chocolate, mayan ruins and endless jungle. Over the next few blogs I hope to write about some of the amazing things I saw while exploring in Mexico.

The Sian Ka’an nature reserve is a hidden gem, 30 minutes drive from the Ruins of Tulum, which I found to be heaving with tourists. The reserve is the largest in Mexico and is a cornucopia of wildlife – it is home to dolphins, flamingos, manatees, iguanas, and ant-eaters, to name a few. The reserve was virtually empty, I saw almost no other tourists while walking through the jungle which made the experience all the more tranquil.

There was a raised wooden path which led deep into the jungle, which was reassuring as only days earlier we had walked right infront of a large tarantula which scuttled passed. We then reached a large freshwater lake which was unbelievably clear, and we took out a small boat over the lake into the mangroves. A natural path of clear, fresh water (about a metre wide) led through the mangroves for 20 miles, eventually reaching the sea. The water was light blue in colour and was refreshingly cool. We floated around in the ‘lazy river’ for about 30 minutes before heading back into the jungle.

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