As the october school holidays come to an end, I thought I would share my thoughts on the importance of rest. School can get really intense sometimes; teachers set piles of homework each day, musicians are expected to practise for hours, and sportsmen and women train tirelessly all afternoon. By the end of a solid six week half-term, I am exhausted – I slump into bed and sleep for a good 15 hours. And… after a few days I start to feel normal again. 

When I am back to my normal state-of-mind, I reflect on the previous six weeks, and I am amazed at how I managed to survive with so few breaks. My school week runs from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday I have to go to church which usually takes up the entire morning. Which leaves Sunday afternoon. It would be ideal for Sunday afternoon to be my recovery hours; a chance to catch up on well needed rest, however I usually find myself consumed in essay writing and studying for upcoming exams.

As my Alexander Technique teacher always says: “Life is all about balance – a balance between work and rest. Sometimes it is perfectly okay to shut down, relax and do nothing.” Often, I think the people who are the most successful are the people who can find that balance that my teacher, Judith Kleinman, is talking about. If we can find the time to rest and recharge, we are able to concentrate and perform at our best when we need to.

As the next half-term approaches, I am going to try to take time to refresh and recharge, as I have noticed the difference in the way it makes me feel. Hopefully, I will not feel as exhausted when it comes to Christmas, and the new year.

On a side note – while resting this holidays, I found the time to start a cacti collection. I have got 6 different cacti, which look really nice in my new room. I have always found cacti to be aesthetically pleasing, especially the one pictured above.

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