Back to School

The October half term has now finished, and I am back into the school cycle. There are less than eight weeks until Christmas, which is exciting, but I have to get through a long seven week term  before the festivities can begin. At my school this means starting early in the morning, with classes starting at half-past eight and finishing at six. Yes, you read that right. I am dreading the feeling I get, usually around three or four weeks in, when you are absolutely exhausted, yet you still have hours of more lessons to tackle. Continue reading “Back to School”


At my primary school, charity was central to everything we did. I remember countless occasions where we would go out and sing at events, organise bakes sales and hold dressing-up days etc – fundraising for Rainbows, a charity that supports families with disabled children.  I remember the feeling of fulfilment as I gave up my time to help others ‘less fortunate than I was’. Introducing charity events at such an early age is something I find really important – it inspired me to organise my own charity events as I moved on to secondary school. Continue reading “Charity”


As the october school holidays come to an end, I thought I would share my thoughts on the importance of rest. School can get really intense sometimes; teachers set piles of homework each day, musicians are expected to practise for hours, and sportsmen and women train tirelessly all afternoon. By the end of a solid six week half-term, I am exhausted – I slump into bed and sleep for a good 15 hours. And… after a few days I start to feel normal again.  Continue reading “Rest”

Bright Lights @ TATE

Sorry for the recent influx of art-related posts. I promise this is the last one for a few months. Before I arrived at the Tate Modern, I had heard of an exhibition by Bruce Nauman – and abstract artist who specialises in neon lighting and word play. I saw pictures of the artwork in the exhibition and instantly wanted to go and see it for myself.  His art is thought-provoking, whilst still being fun and accessible, which I love. Below are some of my favourite pieces in the exhibition: Continue reading “Bright Lights @ TATE”

Doris Salcedo: Shibboleth I

I have mixed feelings about modern art. But, when I heard about this exhibition I was intrigued; I have never really thought about how art can be political until I saw Shibboleth. The piece, by Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, is a striking reference to the dangers of crossing borders, racial hatred in the first world, and rejection of the Immigrant.  Continue reading “Doris Salcedo: Shibboleth I”

Dream Destination No5 – New York.

For the final blog post in my ‘Dream Destinations’ series, I had to choose NYC. While there are infinite reasons one might want to visit New York, I personally fall for the energy – the positive vibe created when cultures mix. There’s so much creativity in the air, with wildly imaginative works filling the city’s galleries and concert halls – not to mention its restaurants, with ever more inventive mash-ups of global cuisines. Continue reading “Dream Destination No5 – New York.”

Exploring Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico

If you were ever lucky enough to take an Ancient History class at primary school, you will probably know that the Ancient Mayans (more commonly known as the Aztecs), came from Mexico, and were the rulers before the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. When we think about the Aztecs, we think about towering pyramids, gruesome sacrifices and a generally un-civilized society. Continue reading “Exploring Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico”