Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve

Before I arrived in Mexico, I bought a ‘Rough Guide Book’ of the local area, in the hope that I would be able to get out and about, exploring wildlife and culture. Mexico is famous for… nachos, guacamole, cactii, sombreros, chocolate, mayan ruins and endless jungle. Over the next few blogs I hope to write about some of the amazing things I saw while exploring in Mexico. Continue reading “Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve”

A Weekend in London

It was my sisters 18th birthday in April, so we decided to celebrate in London, as she was already in London on a drama course. We woke up early and caught a Virgin Train from Lichfield to London Euston – a service I happen to use most weeks. We decided to visit Hampton Court Palace on the first day of our trip, as we had visited most of the other royal palaces, and I had never visited Hampton Court before. Continue reading “A Weekend in London”

Visiting the River Cottage Spring Fair.

While in Lyme Regis during April, I noticed that there was a Spring Fair taking place at River Cottage HQ. I immediately got excited – food fairs are genuinely heaven on earth for foodies, and I read that there was going to be lots of interesting talks and events going on. I also knew that all of the food there was going to be organic, homemade etc. which is my kind of thing. Continue reading “Visiting the River Cottage Spring Fair.”